Guernsey Hearing Matters 18 April 2015




Saturday 18 April 2015 10.30 am to 4.00 pm


Parking at Waitrose, Free Shuttle Bus


Guernsey Hearing Matters is a new event for adults and children who have a hearing loss and for anyone who lives/works with someone with hearing difficulties. From the UK, Hearing Link, The Meniere’s Society, Action on Hearing Loss, Connevans, British Tinnitus Association and the Southampton Cochlear Implant programme are bringing us their expertise and up to date technology. They will be joining local hearing aid providers and professionals from the voluntary and statutory sectors to provide information, help and support.

Nikki Stephens, Chair of the GHHA said: “It is not only the older generation who may experience communication difficulties in everyday life. Hearing impairment can lead to children being disadvantaged at school, while hard of hearing adults in employment are not always as well supported as they could be.

“Public perception is often that good hearing aids (and cochlear implants) correct hearing problems in the way that a sight problem can be corrected by glasses, but this is not the full story, and we aim to change the way we all think about hearing loss.”

“People who think their hearing might be deteriorating will have the opportunity to talk informally to three local hearing aid audiologists – and they might be surprised to learn how small the modern hearing aids are, and what they can do.”

Guernsey Hearing Matters gives Deaf and Hard of Hearing children an opportunity to write about their hopes and dreams for the future on an interactive wall. They will be able to try out gadgets that are not available locally – things like cool watches that act as alarm clocks. Youngsters with a cochlear implant will have the opportunity to talk to implanted adults. A balloon modeller, BSL signing choir, and face painter will provide entertainment and there is a free book for the first twenty children who come along.

Schools, colleges, employers and HR managers have been invited to find out about the latest FM systems and Bluetooth technology that can be invaluable in schools and the workplace. Students with a hearing loss will be able to see gadgets that can help them at college or University, and learn how to take responsibility for their own safety when they leave home.

A local businessman said:

“This is a rare opportunity in Guernsey for me to talk to the people who manufacture and sell assistive hearing devices that might be helpful in my day to day life. I am particularly interested in learning about FM systems and how to get the best out of my hearing device. GHHA are striving to provide much needed hearing services to the island and this event will be valuable to the 19,000 individuals of Guernsey who are hearing impaired.”

Elliot Billington (22) writes:

At the moment I am using Shure SRH940 Professional Reference Headphones to listen to music. The sound quality is excellent and the headphones go over the top of my hearing aids. They are however quite large so I will be attending GHM15 to find out if there is anything available of the same sound quality which is smaller and easier to use, I am also interested in any new technology that is currently available.


  1. Contact GHHA Chair: Nikki Stephens, phone 07911 728414                                                               Email:
  1. Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association membership is open to anyone over the age of 18. Life membership costs just £5. To contact GHHA, email:
  1. To find us on Facebook, search ‘Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association’

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