GHHA Smoke Alarm scheme – keeping deaf people safe

Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association (GHHA) runs a free scheme for special smoke alarms for households where there is a deaf or hard of hearing person. Even when there are people with good hearing in the home a smoke alarm which alerts a deaf person is the safest option as that person may sometimes be alone at night and without their hearing aids might not hear a conventional smoke alarm.

Islanders are encouraged to approach GHHA ( or TEXT 07911 728414) for an application form. Their hearing aid provider, or Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service will also be able to help. Guernsey Fire and Rescue Service will then assess the home and will sometimes ask GHHA for further information about the person’s hearing loss. The alarm which has a flashing light and/or an under pillow vibrating alerting pad is provided free by GHHA, and is fitted by Guernsey Fire and Rescue, again at no cost.

Nikki Stephens, Chair of GHHA, will be on BBC Radio Guernsey JKT programme on 5th June at 11:10 am to talk about the smoke alarms.

To find out more about the scheme, email or TEXT 07911 728414

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