Important information on benefits and voting from Shelaine Green, Gsy Disability Alliance

Severe Disability Benefit retained

Good news for disabled islanders living in Extra Care Housing. Social Security have carried out further investigations and concluded that disabled people who live at Le Grand Courtil and La Nouvelle Maraitaine should continue to be eligible for Severe Disability Benefit (SDB) if they meet the criteria.

Last year, SSD asked the States for permission to change the SDB law so that people in Extra Care housing could potentially be excluded. This was blocked by an amendment from Disability Champion, Deputy Arrun Wilkie. He asked SSD to review the needs of people who live in Extra Care housing first.

News of the “U-turn”, as the Press put it, was mentioned on the front page for two days in a row. Press cuttings are attached.

I’ve also attached a brief section from the Billet which explains the decision in more detail.

Making Election 2016 accessible to all

The Home Dept is keen to make it easy for disabled islanders to vote in next year’s election. They’ve asked the GDA for ideas so if there is anything that you would like to suggest, please contact Karen on or 07781 467316. It’s not just about physical access to polling stations. Your suggestion could be something that would help people with autism or a mental health condition or a learning disability or….

IMPORTANT: Have you registered to vote yet? It’s really straightforward. Just go to


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