Information on the mechanism for applying for help for paying for hearing aids in Guernsey

First, get your hearing tested. Some GPs will do this, but they can’t prescribe hearing aids. However, if it is a sudden or one sided hearing loss they may refer you on to ENT at MSG. There are three hearing aid providers on the island: Mario Cavagnetto of Advanced Hearing Services at the Grandes Maisons surgery at St Sampsons (Tel: 245999), Specsavers in the Market Square in Town, (Tel: 723530), and Hidden Hearing at La Villette Hotel, St Martins, (Tel: 0203 22554400).
Once a hearing test has been done and a hearing aid or aids have been prescribed by a hearing aid audiologist, and you feel you are unable to pay for the aids yourself, you need to write to: Social Security Department, Edward T. Wheadon House, Le Truchot, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 3WH. Your letter should explain that hearing aid (s) have been prescribed and the reasons why you would find it difficult to afford to pay for them yourself. Social Security will request information from the hearing aid provider and also further financial information from you.
Social Security may or may not award a full or partial grant. However, if a request for a grant is rejected or the grant is insufficient to pay for the aids that have been prescribed, GHHA may be able to help, taking into consideration your individual circumstances.
For further information please contact Nikki Stephens on 07911 728414 or email us on

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