he Guernsey Hard of Hearing Association (GHHA) are committed to trying to improve the lives, and offer care and support to everyone who has a hearing problem, and their families. We try to educate the public and support all things that may alleviate deafness. All our fund-raising and donations are spent arranging social events and assisting people with aids to living.

We encourage our members to learn other forms of communication before the ability becomes essential, therefore we support the College of Further Education in their sign language and lip-reading classes.

People with hearing problems don’t always want to be members of a group containing only deaf people and we are very fortunate to have lots of hearing people who join us for various reasons. e.g. relatives and friends of members. Everyone is encouraged to make contact and join in the general conversation, never mind if someone miss-hears or guesses wrongly what has been said, the problems of communication are reduced by the presence of others with the same difficulties. Members feel relaxed and comfortable amongst other people who are using the same methods of communication and taking part in whatever is going on. We try to encourage a sense of belonging and hope that everyone feels important.


Chairman: Nikki Stephens
Secretary: Edwina Brazier
Treasurer: Jamie Toynton
Member: Sarah Brown
Member: Nick Fowler

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